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I have come to the conclusion that Chanel makeup is my absolute favorite. I’ve had an obsession with it for the past few years and can’t seem to change my mind on how amazing it is. A little on the pricey side, but I personally think that it is worth it. My mom has always given me a hard time for liking it due to the cost, but she quickly came to the realization that she too has developed a love for it. I recently received some new products to add to my collection and I have nothing but good words to say about it all. I know there are some people out there who may disagree with me, but this is what works well for my skin. Others may have their favorites so feel free to share what works best for you! Us girls are always looking out for the next new thing to try.

1. Base: In the past, I have never worn base just because there are so many different kinds out there and I never knew which to try. I decided to go for it with this and I love it so far. It has done a great job keeping my foundation on all day and gives my foundation an even look.

2. Foundation: This is Chanel’s new foundation and you may have seen it advertised lately in different magazines. My aunt had bought this and recommended that I go get some. It was worth it, because it gives a beautiful glow to my skin. It is suppose to have better coverage compared to some of their other foundations, which is another reason I wanted to try it. It has not disappointed me yet!

3. Concealer: What I really like about the concealer is that it can also be used as eye primer. After covering up some blemishes, I put some of this on the lids of my eyes and it works great as eye primer. So it’s pretty much like a two-in-one purchase!

4. Concealer/Shadow Brush: This works great used with the concealer above. Not much to say, but I really like it so far. Not really necessary to have because I am sure there are brushes out there for half the price but hey, it was Christmas so why not!

5. Powder: I really like this powder and after I do the above steps, this puts it all together. It gives a very pretty look and applies really well to the face. Anyone recommend the Chanel powder brush?

6. Eyelash Curler: Here is another “why not” purchase that I had to have. I love this curler so much. The look of it is truly amazing and gives my eyelashes a pretty curl! Not necessarily recommended, but why not? It’s beautiful!

7. Mascara: Okay, here is a recommended buy. I love this mascara and literally every time I have worn it, I have received a compliment on my eyelashes.

8. Lipstick: For the finishing touch, I got this lipstick. I don’t know if this is any better than a cheaper brand, but I love the color and way it applies to my lips.

Like I said above, not everyone will agree that this is the best, but it’s what works great for me! Everyone has their favorite brand that they like to stay true to. What is your favorite? I’m always up to try new things.

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